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DirecTV Broadband Requirement

DirecTV has the rights to put NFL video on their website and distribute it via mobile phones. The challenge was to make it happen for the quickly approaching season.

DirecTV was currently in the process of installing the Dixon Hilite System to assist in the creation of highlight packages for their NFL broadcast offerings. With the system, they would be logging each game. The logged data would be immediately passed to their production editors, so they could use the touchdowns, turnovers and other big plays to create highlight packages.

DirecTV gave Dixon Sports Computing their problem statement in May and Dixon Sports delivered the system in August to ensure the functionality prior to the regular season. They had envisioned creating an entire new system and workflow to enable the broadband functionality.

The Broadband Manager that Dixon created for DirecTV is elegant, simple to operate, requires no additional personnel and only one piece of hardware, a standard PC. Dixon Sports grafted the Broadband system into and onto the Hilite System already being installed, taking advantage of the Quantel server system and Dixon Software that was part of the Highlight System.

To provide the highlight clips for broadband, Dixon Sports added two elements to DirecTV’s existing Highlight infrastructure. We added the Send to Broadband button to their football specific metadata logger and created the Broadband Manager software. The software monitors the database for video to be moved, FTP’s the video out of the High-Res servers, and creates a CableLabs compatible XML of the metadata for the each moved piece of video. The Send to Broadband button required minimal training to ensure that only the desired video was marked for broadband processing.

The Broadband Manager (BBM) software is an elegant tool that automatically moves the desired video to the appropriate location and creates an XML of the metadata for the broadband play. The BBM passes the video and XML to the transcoder. From the transcoder, it flows through the DirecTV content management system to the web and mobile phones.

The only required human interaction by the DirecTV staff is to run the BBM software and click the Send to Broadband button for the appropriate video. From the click of the button, the rest of the process is automated, delivering the video to the web and mobile phones in just minutes.

DirecTV was able to leverage their Dixon Hilite System to provide another revenue source, on time and under budget, working with the solution providers at Dixon Sports Computing.

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