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The Golf Channel's Unique Workflow

July, 26, 2010
The Golf Channel’s vision is a tapeless workflow to manage golf footage broadcast anywhere in the world. To accomplish their ambitious goal, the Golf Channel contacted their long-time partners Avid and Sony, along with NLTek, Front Porch and Dixon Sports Computing.

Dixon’s task was to enable the Golf Channel to generate golf specific metadata using their custom Dixon Golf Logger and to move the clips, on time and in the right format, with the Dixon SAM (Sports Asset Management). The Dixon SAM includes a custom golf database, golf search and glue pieces that enable the flow desired by the Golf Channel. The system requires handling large amounts of video and communicating with the various vendors systems. At the same time, the system must be easy to operate, so that Golf Channel’s personnel can concentrate on their creative tasks and not on the mechanics of getting clips from here to there.

When a tournament is in progress, the Golf Channel captures video live via satellite directly into their Avid Interplay. They also return significant amounts of video from the field on XDCAM. The XDCAM video is brought into the flow using the NLTek system. The Dixon Solution works with both systems to assist the Golf Channel in tagging their video assets into the database. The Golf Channel also has Front Porch for their archive.

The Dixon SAM gathers information from Avid via Web Services and from the NLTek watch folder to generate the list of material requiring logging into the session’s table.

The logger can select either Avid or NLTek sessions, then the specific video to be logged using the Golf Loggers Game Info Dialog Box. When a session is selected, the low-res video is automatically loaded into the logging window ready for logging. The logger can use both the IPV low-res generated for the Avid ingests and the Sony low-res passed to us from NLTek.

The Golf Logger has a golf specific roster that tracks the shots for all of the players logged. It also includes golf specific buttons, i.e., Eagle, Tee Shot, among many more; generic buttons, i.e., ratings, comments, etc. As log entries are created, they immediately are placed into the database available for Golf Channel’s use, as needed.

Using the customized Dixon Golf Search, a producer can easily find the clips they are interested in and then transfer his or her clips to the Avid Editing software via a shotlist. The search uses the same low-res browse as the Logger to allow the producer to view the material before deciding to move it to the shotlist.  On the Avid, the shotlist is opened and ready for editing. Any clips that are no longer in the Interplay are requested from Front Porch before the package is published.

The Dixon Solution, working in conjunction with the Golf Channel’s other vendors, enables the Golf Channel’s tapeless vision.

Dixon Sports Computing is ready to help you realize your vision.

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