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Cincinnati Reds Baseball Live Event Logging and Editing System

The Cincinnati Reds' new HD control room had EVS servers for replay, Final Cut Production editors and a Daktronix scoreboard. What they didn’t have was a way to tie it together. Their vision was to have the metadata produced by the scoreboard attached to the video recorded in the EVS and the clips of interest moved to their EditShare storage system for editing in Final Cut Pro.

The Dixon Sports Computing Sports Asset Management (SAM) made it all a reality and added functionality that they hadn’t imagined. The Dixon logger accepts the metadata from the Daktronix scoreboard and allows an operator to enter other information on in-stadium promotions and determine which angles are desired for a particular play, which players are on camera, etc.  It also attaches metadata to any clips moved to archive by the replay operators. The logger also displays the current pitcher and batter and results of the play.  If any erroneous data comes from the scoreboard, the logger can correct it.

The plays marked for movement to Final Cut Pro are moved by the Dixon SAM service. It passes the request to EVS along with the name given to the new clip, which is exported as a .mov file to the EditShare storage ready for use in the Final Cut Pros.

The Dixon Hilite Selector runs on the Final Cut's station, giving access to any of the logged clips to the production editor; organized by game. The Hilite Selector includes game summary buttons that allow the editor to quickly get to the Reds' homeruns, RBI’s, great defensive plays etc. The Hilite Selector also allows them to pick any of the up to six angles they have for each play and drag and drop those clips into the Final Cut bin. When the clips are moved, the Hilite Selector also passes the metadata to Final Cut, so additional sorting and filtering can be handled from within the Final Cut Editor.

The Dixon SAM made a tough job easy and gave the logger and the editor more flexibility and options for moving the clips of interest to the Final Cut's, than thought possible.

What vision can Dixon help you realize.

What We Do

Dixon helps your work… flow. Tag your assets with metadata to get them where needed - on time and in the right format.

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