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July, 13, 2010 By Doug Ward, Angels Baseball Magazine When the Angels needed a way to track and access detailed information on all their players, they turned to Dixon Sports Computing. The Long Beach company provides software that enables the Angels to analyze any at-bat, at the touch of a keystroke.

The PC-based technology not only enables the Angels to prepare meticulously for each and every game, it also allows them to make in-game adjustments.

"We can get pitch-by-pitch location and speed," Angels Senior Video Coordinator, Diego Lopez , says. "During a game, players can watch any of their at-bats."

The system provides two different angles for hitters and pitchers to review. Players can access the information from the team's video department adjacent to the clubhouse or in the batting cage under the stands behind home plate.

"Players can find out what worked," Lopez says. "Or what didn't work and make adjustments."

During the game, the Angels log every pitch. When the game ends, the data is uploaded to a server from which the information can be accessed on any of five computers available to players and coaches. General Manager, Tony Reagins, and Assistant General Manager, Ken Forsch, can also access the information from their offices.

In addition to giving the Angels video they can analyze, the system also provides a printout of each Angel hitter's tendency against every opposing pitcher, and each Angel pitcher's tendencies against every opposing hitter. Angel Bench Coach, Ron Roenicke, keeps a notebook of those printouts with him and the bench, referring to it in order to position outfielders.

The Angels began using the Dixon Sports Computing system back in 1996.

"It is tremendously advanced," Lopez says. "What makes this system so good is that Joe Maddon and Mike (Scioscia) helped develop it. The people at Dixon are very flexible in making adjustments to better fit our needs."

The Angels have also upgraded their minor league video system, working with Inside Edge and Dartfish to provide similar data for all their minor league affiliates. Manager, Mike Scioscia, and his staff can log onto the system and pull up video analysis on every player in the organization.

"There was a big gap between our big league system and our minor league system," Lopez says. "Arte Moreno really wanted to upgrade what we do in our minor league ballparks. We upgraded and now we have a camera in every stadium in our organization."

So now, a detailed breakdown on every player in the organization is accessible to Angel personnel in less time than it takes to log onto YouTube.

"We have great confidence," Lopez says, "in what it provides our players and coaches."

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